News Corner

04/22/2020 Steve Cruz has been named the next President of the UC Lions and Robert Province as Vice President. Oluwatobi Akanbi will be stepping down as President effective from the 15th of May, 2020. It has been a pleasure serving with you all. We have a good thing going here, and in less than two years, we have made great progress in improving our skills, made good industrial connections, participated in both national and local cybersecurity events and gained deserved popularity on campus. I believe this is just the beginning… Congratulations to the newly elected President and Vice President!

04/02/2020 For those of us that participated in the just concluded SANS Cyber FastTrack competition. Please pay attention to the following information from the organizers

Requesting your patience and understanding

Thank you for all your hard work playing our Capture the Flag. We’re proud of your persistence, passion and developing skills – and you should be too!

Cyber FastTrack is incredibly important to our collective mission in growing the cybersecurity workforce. In this moment however, SANS needs all hands on deck as we transition our events, conferences, programs, and operations fully online. Therefore, we are asking you for a bit more time before we announce the results of the CTF and move forward with the next stage of the Cyber FastTrack competition.

We know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting the results of the CTF and that this news may be the source of much frustration. We hope you’ll understand and know that as soon as we can get back to our regular tasks, we will.

In the meantime, we would like to invite you to a webinar with Cyber FastTrack creator and SANS expert, James Lyne on April 7 at 1pm (ET). Join our session to ask questions about the CTF challenges you couldn’t solve, understand where you missed out on vital points and watch some exclusive challenge spoilers from the competition. Click here to register.

03/25/2020 – Opportunity to participate in a CyberQuest competition geared towards all skill levels

As you may know, every Spring season for the past decade, the US Cyber Challenge® (USCC) promotes the annual Cyber Quests competition.

Cyber Quests are a series of fun but challenging on-line competitions allowing participants to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of information security realms. Each quest features an artifact for analysis, along with a series of quiz questions. This spring’s Cyber Quest will be about web application security. For instance, some quests focus on a potentially vulnerable sample web server as the artifact, challenging participants to identify its flaws using vulnerability analysis skills.

With the current pandemic, many of your students are most likely engaged in remote learning with you. We hope that the Cyber Quests competition could be integrated into your portfolio of projects for students as it would be a fun way for the students to compete while applying their knowledge to real world scenarios. Proof of their participation is easy to establish simply by students sharing captured screenshots of their score while ranking is visible to all who participate. You can also encourage students to go through the challenges more than once, in order to improve their scores.

The best part is that the competition is FREE to all!

Cyber Quests is open until April 20, 2020. Registered users will each have three attempts to take the quests. For more information and to register, visit

Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to follow up with me directly. Thank you for your consideration.

UC Lions team was featured in the February edition of the Communique (the official news publication for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs) for their performance at the 2020 Deloitte/AFCEA CTF event.

02/27/2020 UC Lions president with Walmart’s Tech team at the College Day poster presentation event during the just completed 2020 RSA Conference. #Fortune1Company #goodVibes Link to Tweet

02/27/2020 Hands-on demo of the only working Enigma Machine (encode/decode messages with this almost 100 year old Nazi encryption computer!)

02/27/2020The CWSSP 2020-2021 Academic Year Application is now OPEN!

As technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated, the demand for an experienced and qualified workforce to protect our Nation’s networks and information systems has never been higher. Recent high-profile hacks and data breaches involving U.S. government agencies underscore the need for cyber professionals.

The Colorado-Washington Security Scholars Program (CWSSP) provides scholarships to outstanding students studying in the field of Cybersecurity.

For more information, Please see LINK.

02/19/2020 – Mitre will be present at this Thursday’s meeting 02/20/2020 to discuss internship and full-time opportunities with our team. Come with your resume and check out the job links under Events.

02/13/2020 – The UC Lions will be sending 4-5 teams to participate at this year’s NCC/Boecore CTF. We are very proud of the team members that volunteered to participate in this event.

02/06/2020 – The National CyberSecurity Center would like to invite you back to participate in our annual Capture the Flag event. This event will be fun for all and include food, beverages, and prizes similar to july’s event. Our CTF is being held on February 14th, 5pm-8pm. We are welcoming beginners as well as experienced hackers that will have a choice between two skill levels. We would love to have you be a part of our CTF once again. If you would like to register you can click the link below to sign up. Register here.