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Hello All,    Due to the ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19 and campus-wide preventive measures, including advise from our advisors, we will be suspending all meetings/events until further notice. Updates will be provided via MLC, Discord, and website.    Please stay tuned for more information and follow the guidelines to better protect yourself, your family, and […]

Club Meeting

We will be going over some CTF this Thursday. It does not matter what level you are in your computer security literacy, come and have fun. The president of UC Lions will give a brief on his experience at the just completed RSA Conference. Discuss about some opensource tools that can be leveraged towards CyberSecOps. […]

Thursday Meeting

Engr 138 UCCS, Colorado Springs

Today we will have Dr. William Bahn showcase the only working Enigma in North America. He will give the history behind the crack of the Enigma machine and a hands-on encryption and decryption using the enigma. Pizza will be provided.